Private and secure data collection of your travel habits to plan tomorrow's transportation needs.

1. Download the app

The app is available for most iOS and Android phones. If your phone is not compatible, we have other ways for you to participate.

2. Just go about your life

rMove will track your travel and ask questions when you stop. Nothing to it!

3. Answer questions about your travel

Your answers will help planning professionals design future transportation investments in your region.

What is rMove?

rMove is an app designed to collect household travel diary information from invited participants. Travel diary information includes information about how, when, where, and why people in a household travel.

How do you spend your day? When do you travel to and from work? Where do you go on weekends, and why do you make these trips? rMove automates the process of collecting this information, alleviates burden, and improves the overall quality of information delivered to sponsoring agencies.

Why should I participate?

Transportation planners use information collected from this study to develop projections of anticipated travel in your city, region, and state. As a participant, your involvement helps shape the outcome of these future plans—and the allocation of funding—by providing a snapshot of travel in your city, region, and state.

How will my information be used?

As noted, the information gathered by rMove helps direct future transportation plans and funding. rMove includes robust privacy protections to protect your anonymity and privacy. Your data and information will not be sold. For more information, click here.