What users are saying

I saw how I could better travel to save me time and money.

User from Tacoma, WA

The app [was] fantastic - so easy and accurate.

User from Greater Calgary, Canada

One of the easiest apps I have ever used.

User from Gig Harbor, WA

I liked that it was able to predict the same/similar trips across days to save me the time of entering the same info over and over.

User from Raleigh-Durham Region

rMove was very good at picking up when I was actually moving from place to place, as opposed to when I was just wandering around a single location (such as a mall or a house).

User from Franklin County, Ohio

I liked knowing my travel time. It made it really easy to know which trip it was, and it was interesting to know how long I take to get places.

User from Seattle, WA

The reminders made it easy to keep up [with] so there was really no time burden at all.

User from Anderson, IN

It ran in the background and reminded me of all my trips, otherwise, I would not have remembered.

User from Raleigh-Durham Region

I do not have a smart phone. So, I used the phone/app that you provided. I liked that it was easy to use and directions were simple.

User from Franklin County, Ohio

[rMove] automated the [travel survey] process…! It just needed me to clarify a few details for each trip. Saved me so much time!

User from Seattle, WA

[rMove] was able to capture more extensive and accurate info than a written survey.

User from Bainbridge Island, WA

It was accurate and delivered data quickly.

User from San Diego, CA

rMove is a tremendous help in making studies like this easy for participants.

User from Lakewood, WA

I liked seeing where I had gone and how far I had gone.

User from Franklin County, Ohio

I love the fact that it immediately knew when I had stopped and made a trip. It was very accurate.

User from Raleigh-Durham Region

It was nice that the survey popped up right away - it made it much easier to get info correct when I could enter it shortly after I made the trip.

User from Franklin County, Ohio

This was one of the best surveys I have ever taken...

User from Raleigh-Durham Region