How It Works

After you install rMove and your travel period begins...

just go about your everyday activities and answer rMove's surveys.

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rMove knows when you travel and when you stop. A few minutes after your trip ends, you will receive a notification that a survey is ready. Trip surveys are indicated with a start time and end time.


Whether you travel many times in a day or never leave your house, a daily summary survey appears at midnight. Most people answer these the following morning.


When you select a trip to review, you will be shown a map with the start and stop locations along with the route you traveled. This information, along with the times, provides context so you can answer the questions accurately.

rMove tip:

The "Start" and "Stop" toggles above the map will zoom the map to the START and STOP locations.


We welcome feedback about the app. To leave feedback, use the menu icon on the main screen.

Please try to leave specific feedback about your experience with the app, and please remember to use the Error screen to report issues on specific trips.