What is the purpose of collecting household travel behavior information?

Agencies collect household travel behavior information to understand current travel patterns and project future transportation needs. Much as the Census captures information about the population in the United States every 10 years, household travel behavior studies capture information about how a population travels and why. Your participation helps provide an accurate, representative picture of household travel in your region. Your information will only be used to project future travel and will be securely maintained by the agency collecting it. Your information will not be resold or used for any other purpose.

What specific information will you be collecting, and how will that information be collected and used?

If you are a participant in a study, you will receive an invitation to download rMove, which will automatically collect information (via the sensors in your smartphone) about where you traveled during the study period. This trip information is important to transportation planners who need to know where people are going and why in order to make informed projections about future travel for your region. rMove will also prompt you to enter additional information about your trip when it senses that you have stopped moving. In these instances, rMove will ask you for additional information about your trip via a series of easy-to-answer questions presented via on-screen menu.

How do I download rMove and participate in an eligible study?

You must receive an invitation in order to use rMove and participate in an eligible study. If you are invited to a study, you will receive a link to a survey website in the mail or by email, which will qualify you to participate. You will then receive the login information necessary to begin using rMove on your smartphone.

How long should I participate?

If you are participating in a study, you will receive information about the travel dates over which you should participate. We ask that you download the smartphone app before your travel dates begin. The app will automatically begin collecting trip data when your assigned travel period begins, and will automatically stop collecting data after the travel dates have ended. After your last travel day, you may be prompted to take a brief survey and then uninstall the app.

Why should I download rMove and participate in an eligible study?

Your participation helps provide an accurate, representative picture of travel in your region, which benefits the traveling public as a whole (including you!). Invited participants are also eligible to receive an incentive payment, which is predetermined by the participating study agency/agencies. Additional information about incentive payments will accompany invitations.

What is required to use rMove on my device and participate in an eligible study?

In order to use rMove and participate in an eligible study, you must:

  • Be 13 years of age or older; and
  • Own a smartphone (running iOS or Android); or
  • For some studies - be willing to carry a smartphone provided to you that comes preinstalled with rMove.

What data does rMove collect from me?

rMove automatically and securely collects information about location, speed, and time. This information is collected whenever you are moving. rMove will also ask you questions about your travel via on-screen prompt, record your responses, and securely transfer the data to our servers.

How does rMove protect the privacy of my data?

rMove prioritizes protection of participants’ privacy. All data sent and received are encrypted to protect your privacy. Your data will only be used by participating agencies for the purposes of the study that you were invited to participate in. Your data will not be resold or used for any other purpose.

What is the process for installing rMove on my iOS or Android device?

  1. Look for a letter or e-mail directing you to a website to complete a survey.
  2. Complete the survey, which will be used to determine your eligibility to participate in the study.
  3. If your survey responses indicate that you are eligible to participate in the study, then you will receive an authentication code.
  4. Download rMove and use the authentication code you were supplied to begin participating in the study.
  5. Once you have downloaded rMove and entered your code, make sure to enable any required settings (e.g., location services) to allow rMove to use your phone’s sensors.
  6. Once you open rMove, keep it running in the background. (Closing the app or turning off your phone will stop the app from running and rMove will no longer be able to collect data.)
  7. Answer required questions when the app prompts you to enter additional information about a trip (e.g., what is your current location, and where did you travel from?).

What built-in sensors does rMove use when collecting data?

During your participation in the study, rMove will use your phone’s location services (e.g., GPS and compass) and accelerometer to collect information about your travel behavior. rMove will operate unobtrusively in the background and provide you with notifications only when additional information is required.

How will using rMove affect my smartphone’s battery life?

rMove is optimtized to minimally impact your phone’s battery life and operation, however, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. For longer trips, we recommend carrying a portable charger to ensure continued operation of your smartphone regardless of usage.

How will using rMove affect my data plan?

rMove is designed to minimize data use when sending and receiving travel behavior information collected on your device during the study period. If both WiFi and a cellular network signals are available, rMove first uses WiFi to send and receive data. If no WiFi network is available, then rMove sends and receives data using your mobile data plan whenever a cellular signal is available.

What do I do with rMove when the study period is over?

rMove will only collect travel behavior information during the study period. As a result, rMove will no longer require any input from you after the study has ended. In most instances, we recommend that you simply delete rMove from your smartphone once the study period ends and you have answered all the surveys in the app. Please ensure you have connected to either a cellular network or WiFi between answering your surveys and uninstalling the app, so that all of your survey answers can be sent and you can be marked as complete! Deleting the application also deletes any data associated with rMove.

Who should I contact with questions about rMove? What if I think that rMove is not working properly?

If you have any questions about rMove, please contact rmove-support@rsginc.com. We will respond to your inquiry during standard business hours (9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET on weekdays). If you are experiencing difficulties using rMove, or if you think that the app might not be functioning properly, please contact the support email or use the feedback feature in the app and detail the issue or problem you are experiencing while using rMove.

What if I know in advance that I will be traveling through or to a location without cellular service or WiFi?

rMove is designed to record data to your phone and send it to our servers only when there is cellular service or WiFi available. If you are traveling to an area with no WiFi or cellular network, please ensure that you connect to WiFi or cellular network before uninstalling the app.